A New Place

Well, I’m all moved in to my new home in Fredricksburg. It was a nice drive across eastern states with a few stops along the way. I couldn’t ask for anyone better to drive with though, but my mom. I’m all settled in for the next few months and today is the big day where I start my job on the floor. Done with the computer work and the hassle of getting all my education materials in. So wish me luck.

But, I didn’t create this blog to talk about my work. Instead, I created it to talk about my adventures long the way. So, that is what I will do. I left my home in Sioux Falls and drove to the Garden of the God’s in Mountain Township, IL. This is a short quarter mile walk, but it was a nice break in out drive to get out and stretch our legs. Here are some of the pictures.

Our next stop was Slade Kentucky, where there is an awesome natural bridge that is a must see. Its about a mile hike up to the bridge. Then if you keep walking over the bridge and around, you run into a lookout point where you can see the natural bridge. This is incredible and must be seen if you are ever near Slade.

Once we got to Fredricksburg we asked around on things to see and do. When asked everyone says “a lot of history in this town” and “people usually go to DC or Richmond for things to do near here”. So, we did a little of exploring Fredricksburg and figuring out where things were. Then Tuesday, off to Richmond we went to do a little more exploring. We came across Belle Island, which has a sweet walking bridge to it.

Well, this is just the beginning to my many adventures. I cannot wait to see what else I get to experience during this chapter of my life.

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