Adventure Trails

Yesterday’s devotion was about All, and putting all our trust in God. Well, yesterday for the first time I went hiking ALONE. I have never done this before and was perfectly fine with it until everyone I told I was going hiking, began to freak out and say I shouldn’t go hiking alone. Thoughts went through my head like “why not?” Everything will be okay and it was. I was a little scared a few times when I heard dear running through the woods, but other than that I only came across two other travelers. And I made it home alive and in one piece. I wouldn’t see anything if I didn’t do things alone.

7am yesterday, a cold Tuesday morning, I awoke, got ready, and drove 2 hours to Shenandoah National Park where I hiked a couple of different trails. I did some research a couple nights prior and wanted to go see chimney rock and a couple waterfalls. I thought chimney rock would be an awesome lookout, and that it was. Here are some of the photos from the first trail I went on. Oh and did I mention, these trails I went on are part of the appellation trail. Talk about bucket list check off.

This trail alone was about 3.5 miles long and took me 2 hours to hike, because I stopped and soaked in the scenery along the way. Then I decided to continue on Skyline Drive and see what else I could find. Before I went hiking, I forgot to mention, I downloaded the hiking project app that has GPS on it, so even when I didn’t have service, I could still know where I was. Also, with this app it tells you certain things to see, such as waterfalls and other attractions. So, as I continued on my drive, I stopped at the next trail, to see a couple of waterfalls. This trail was probably about 3 miles long. I pretty much followed the stream for at least half of the way, which was pretty neat. Since its winter here though, there were some spots frozen over, so needed to be careful. There was one point where the trail was covered ice, so I made my own trial through the woods. What more can you do, even if there are signs that say to stay on the trail. I wanted to make it back in one piece.

By the time I got back from this trail, I could feel the burn in my legs and butt. I knew I would be sore the next couple days.

There is so much beauty in God’s creation that I cannot wait to explore even more of it. Until my next adventure.


(Long Hikes, Dirty Shoes, Worth the Views)

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