Washington DC

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I took a few days to go up to Washington and explore. This was such a wonderful trip. Before I went, I did some research and talked to a few people at work as to what we should all do. It ended up being a super nice weekend and we could walk outside with just a sweatshirt on in January. This was fantastic knowing I come from the Midwest where there is a ton of snow. I love the weather we have been having lately here in Virginia and cannot get enough.

So, the first day we got there, we checked into our hotel and set out to start exploring. We went to the mall and saw a few of the monuments. It was very nice day to do this. We stopped at a tap house and got a few drinks and lunch. Later, after walking around and snapping a few photos, we decided to head back to the hotel for happy hour before heading downtown for the night. On the first night we went to see Alex Aiono. Neither my boyfriend or I have heard of him before, but we were up for whatever and just wanted to have fun. It ended up being a ton of fun and he sang other’s songs where we could sing along. Drinks were expensive, but it was a fun night anyways.

The next day we got up and took our time getting ready, then we headed to church. After that, we spent a little more time walking around the mall and seeing more of the monuments and of course taking more photos. We found more food and drinks on a roof top bar were we could see the Whitehouse. Then headed back to the hotel to chill for a little while before going downtown to get food and drinks. We also watched the football games, since it was the playoffs on Sunday night. Then we just bar hopped in downtown DC, which is always fun when you are with someone who likes to have fun.

The last day, we decided to get breakfast then headed to go see the tomb of the unknown. We tried to make it in time for the changing of the guards, but we were about 20 minutes too late by the time we got there. But, we still got to see the tomb and we spent some time walking around the Arlington National cemetary. Then we headed to go see Mount Vernon. When we got there, we found out it would cost us 20$/person.  Since we already had an expensive trip, we decided to opt out of this. We ended up back in the car and found a cute little town to grab lunch in. All I wanted was to eat seafood next to the river, and that’s exactly what we did. After that we continued on the road and found another cute town. Here, there was the MGM casino and an outlet shopping mall. So, into the casino we went to do a little betting and lose some money 😉 But overall, the outside of this place was sweet and definitely worth it. Then we headed to the mall for a bit before I had to take my boyfriend back to the airport. This trip was fantastic and definitely worth the drive. Check out some of these photos.

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