Shenanadoah National Park

There are so many different hiking trails in this national park. Yesterday, I went back and did a couple of trails that had good reviews and were close together, so I didn’t have to travel very far between.

The first trail I went on was called Old rag, one of the most popular and dangerous hikes in Shenanadoah. I decided to take a shorter route, so I drove to the Berry Hollow Fire Road then walked to the Saddle Trail. This hike was about 5.3 miles round trip. I decided not to do the whole loop, as I just wanted to see Old Rag look out and I had another trail in mind I wanted to do that day.  If you wanted to do the whole Old Rag trail though, its about 9 miles. The elevation to Old Rag is 3,284′ and once you make it to the top, it has incredible views of the Shenanadoah valley. The hike itself was strenuous going uphill, but coming back down seemed not so bad. There are a lot of rocks on this hike, but overall not a bad hike for the views at the top. This hike overall took about 3 hours with my time at the top. Check out some of these views.

My next trail was called, White Oak Canyon Trail. After already hiking over 5 miles, I wasn’t feeling another long hike. This hike was 1 mile to the lower falls, so initially that’s all I was planning on doing. The trail from the parking lot to the lower falls is a nice trail that goes along the stream and the hike is pretty easy. Once I got to the lower falls, I crossed the stream to get a closer look. While crossing the stream, the water was just covering the rocks you had to walk on, so this ment my feet ended up getting wet. I checked out the lower falls and then decided to hike to the upper falls, since my feet were already wet and I didn’t want to cross the stream again without seeing the upper falls. Also, the first part of the hike didn’t take me more than a half hour, so I had plenty of time to keep going. So, another mile up the mountain I went. The hike to the upper falls is effortful, and there are times where I questioned where the trail was, as it was all rocky. This is where my legs began to feel it and at times I could feel my legs shake. In this case, I would just step off to the side, take a little breather and snap a few photos. I had a destination in mind, though and it was well worth it at the top.I have always thought waterfalls were their own kind of beautiful and on this trail there were so many of them along the way, so it was well worth the hike. Here are the pictures from this trail.

Overall, this day was so worth it. Oh, and did I mention the weather was pretty great too. It was a little cold in the morning for the Old Rag hike, but it quickly warmed up. By the time I got to the White Oak trail, it was in the high 50’s. Perfect for a nice hike to the top. My next adventure will be this weekend, when my sister comes to visit and I cannot wait.


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