Another Virginia Adventure

A couple weekends ago, my sister and I went on a little drive through Virginia to go an an adventure and do some more hiking. Virginia is a beautiful state with mountains on one side and the ocean on the other. I’ve been doing more hiking at the beginning of this year. As it warms up though, my plan is to do more coastal things.

When my sister came to visit, we took a little trip down to Roanoke, Virginia. This is a mountain town that is the home to one of the best hikes in Virginia. This hike is called McAfee Knob. Its a fairly easy hike until the last mile, but the views are worth it. You basically park across the street and then hike about 3.4 miles to one of the most gorgeous views. We were there in February, so there weren’t any leaves on the trees, but if you ever want to do this hike, I encourage either spring or Fall would be gorgeous. Regardless the time of year, there will be people on this trail. There were a few hiking the Appalachian trail that were just hanging out on at the top with all their belongings. This is a well travelled trail. Check out these pictures from this hike.

The next hike we did was called dragon’s tooth. This is a very strenuous hike that is about 5 miles. You have to climb a lot of rocks and wedge yourself between rocks. Even though this is a hard trail, the views are worth it. This trail is also pretty close to Roanoke and is actually part of the Triple crown (McAfee knob, dragon’s tooth and tinker cliffs). We only did the two hikes, as Tinker cliffs was much further and the total loop is 37 miles. If you ever want to do a full couple days hiking trip, this would be worth it. Here are some of the photos from Dragon’s Tooth.

The last thing we did on my sisters trip to Virginia was we drove another 3 hours south and hiked Devil’s bathtub. This trail, probably should not have been done when we were there due to the high river and having to cross it 13 times, but once we were there, it was definitely worth it. If you decide to hike this trail, it’s only 2 miles long one way, but just know crossing the stream can be difficult if the water is high. Also, the view of the bathtub would probably be better if the water was lower during the summer as well. Here are some of the pictures of the water we had to cross. At times, it was knee high. Thankfully, we did not fall or injury ourselves in any way and it was definitely a story worth telling.

Just another adventure in Virginia. After this we made it back to Richmond where my sister flew out of. Such a great trip with a great friend and many memories to take away.

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