3 Days in New York

I have never been to New York before, so this was my first time. I did a lot of research before, as to where to stay, how to get around on the trams and how to use the bus stations. I looked up how much all that would cost. Then I utilized google maps to get around. There were a couple mishaps on our trip with using google and not having a train show up, missing a few buses and so on, but they were all minor things and the trip overall went smoothly. We stayed in an airbnb in Union City, NJ and then road the bus over to New York every day. We didn’t know this, but to ride the bus to and from New York, you need to have your bus pass already. They do not take money on the bus. The inner city busses in NJ will take cash up front and costs about $2.50/person. There is also a tram that takes you into New York which you just need a metro card for. You can add money to your metro card at any of the train stations. Overall, its pretty easy to get around New York as long as you know what you are doing.

Here is how we laid out our trip to New York. I currently live in Virginia, so the plan was to drive up to New Jersey and park my car at the airbnb then ride into New York every day. This worked out quite well. So Day 1 consisted of driving and checking in. After that we wanted to go see the Statue of Liberty. In NJ uber’s aren’t that expensive so that’s the route we took to go see the statue of Liberty. However, by the time we got there it was dark and windy. We got dropped off at Black Tom Island and then walked along the bridge that takes you to Ellis island, but this wasn’t what we were expecting. It still turned out okay, even though it was cold. After this we went on a hunt for somewhere to eat. We ended up at a hopping pizza place that was delicious. The name of this place was Razza and had awesome woodfire pizza and great tasting beer too! Here is a few pictures from our nightly walk.

Day 2 we got up early as we had a lot of exploring to do. It was Sunday, so we wanted to go to church as well. To save money, I brought breakfast food and snacks for throughout the day, so we only had to spend money on drinks and eating out one time a day. This worked out great. So, the second day we made our way to St. Peter’s Cathedral for mass. This cathedral is beautiful inside and out and there were a lot of people there. However, they are used to serving quite a few people every weekend so they made mass go quickly, but kept it interesting. After this we went to the Rockefeller center where we made our way to the top. This was found to be one of the places to spend money on to go to the top to see the views. It was worth it too. There is about 3 different levels once you make it to the top. You can keep going up to where there isn’t any glass and have miraculous views of the World Trade Center and Empire State. After spending some time up there enjoying the views, we made time to walk past Radio City Music Hall (shows were all sold out otherwise we wanted to go), times square, grand central station and then on to a walk through central park. We had plenty of time to snap a few photos a long the way. After this we found got a few drinks at a bar and then went to the Hard Rock to eat dinner.

The last full day we had in New York, we had a few more things to see on our list. Once again, we ate breakfast at our air bnb and packed our snacks for the day. We then headed to the September 11 museum and checked out ground zero. We spent a good hour going through the museum, but it was extremely sad since it felt so real. It feels even more real when you remember where you were that day and what you were doing when you were told the US was under a terrorist attack. So, there were some parts of it that I couldn’t read anymore just because it was so sad, so I just kind of skipped. Then we hit up wall street and made our way over to the Brooklyn Bridge. We walked the bridge and got some good shots. Then once in Brooklyn, we walked a little through Brooklyn park and made our way over to the Manhattan bridge as well. After this we made our way back to New York to get a few drinks. We then decided to hop on the free Staten Island Ferry to get some pretty sweet sun setting photos and get a better look at the statue of liberty. Over all, taking the ferry to and from, took about 90 min round trip, but coming back to New York and viewing all the lights was so worth it. After this, we hopped off the ferry and ate at Clinton Hall which is a small, but neat bar that has burgers and brews. Since it was my boyfriends birthday, we had to stop for cake. Right next to the bus station is Carlos’s Bakery, so of course we had to stop and get some dessert. The line was long, but worth it. Then we headed back to the air bnb.


And that was the end to our trip. The next day we made our way back to DC where my boyfriend flew out of. We got there early to spend some time in National Harbor where we got a few drinks and ate dinner before he flew out that night. This was such a fantastic trip and I will definitely be back. Until next time New York.


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