Virginia, A State for Lovers

This past weekend I had a good friend come to visit me here in Virginia. That was my last free weekend here before I head back to the Midwest next week. Crazy how fast my first travel nursing assignment went. When my friend told me she was coming and booked her flights, I began planning what we would do. She flew into DC so I knew the first day I wanted to walk around the national mall again since I haven’t been there since February. It was good to see everything again and the weather was so nice as well. After that we headed to national harbor where we got a drink on the patio and watched the harbor. Then headed back to Fredricksburg where we got supper.

The next day, we went to the mountains and did some hiking. Early morning was quite foggy for our first short little hike. When we got to the lookout, we couldn’t really see much so we decided to do a waterfall trail for our next hike. This one had the option to be quite short, but we ended up going all the way around which I believe was 5 miles total. By the time we were done with that loop, we decided to do one more look out hike. Our legs were tired, but we let them rest a little in-between. The next hike we decided to do was called Hawksbill Mountain. This was about a mile up the mountain, so we knew it wasn’t too long. Hawksbill is also the highest point in Shenandoah Park, so we knew this hike would be strenuous. We hiked the whole mile and we were tired after, but the views were worth it. Once we got to the top, we took in the view and snapped a few photos. After that, we called it a day and headed back to Fredricksburg.

The third day my friend was here we went to Lake Anna. I didn’t know a whole lot about Lake Anna, besides it was a state park. The weather was supposed to be nice, so we planned to lay on the beach. Once we got to the park, it was quite windy the wind was chilly. When the wind stopped, the sun felt really nice. So, to wait for it to warm up, we went and checked out the campgrounds and walked one of the nature trails there. By the time we were done with this, we decided it was time to grill.  We brought our own food and items to grill. It has been so long since I have had grilled food I absolutely loved this. It was a little windy, so took a while to get the charcoal ready, but everything worked out in the end. Also, we found out it coted money to lay on the beach. We did not go swimming, but after we got home I found out that the water is supposed to be warm all year round from a nearby power plant. So, I am really bummed I didn’t even test the water out. We didn’t pay to lay on the beach, instead we laid in the grass near by our grill out space. This worked out well. After that we did another nature trail and then headed home.

The last day, Emily flew out of Richmond, so we spent the day there. We went to Lewis Botanical Garden and viewed all the nature there. This cost 13$ to get in, but it was very pretty with all the flowers blooming. The smells of nature are amazing. After this we went to Maymont park and went through the mansion that James Dooly and his wife lived in. This was pretty neat. Then we went to the Japanese garden that his wife created and walked through that. We then went to go get food and drinks at Boulevard Burgers and Brews. The last thing we did before she flew out was went through the capital building and walked around the capital grounds. This was such a good day viewing all of these sites. This was a fun trip and it was so good to see Emily again. I’m glad I got to give her a little taste of what Virginia is like before I leave and head to my next destination.

Here are a few pictures from her trip to visit me 🙂

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