A New Place

Well, I'm all moved in to my new home in Fredricksburg. It was a nice drive across eastern states with a few stops along the way. I couldn't ask for anyone better to drive with though, but my mom. I'm all settled in for the next few months and today is the big day where... Continue Reading →

Must See in Germany

As I said in my previous blogs, I have talked a lot about my trip to Germany. Well, I have decided to touch on a few of my favorite places in Germany. First off, if you ever make it to Cologne, you must go see the Cathedral. This is a beautiful church inside and out.... Continue Reading →

Destination: Unknown

When I decided I was going to nursing school, I had no idea where this path would take me. Lets go back 7 years. At this time I knew I wanted to be a nurse, I just wanted to be an obstetrics nurse and work in labor and delivery. I like little babies and being... Continue Reading →

Munich, Germany

If you ever make it out of the US and are able to fly internationally, Germany is a beautiful destination. When I decided to take a trip to Germany a big decision was made on location and what towns to see and what to do. Munich was definitely on our list.  So here is a... Continue Reading →

Destination: Germany

October is the best time of the year to travel to Germany. Ever wanted to travel internationally, but don't know where to start planning? Well here is my story on how I planned my first international flight and how I decided on my destination. A couple of my coworkers have been talking about taking a... Continue Reading →

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